How To Brush Your Teeth Properly

Are you sure you’re brushing your teeth properly? How clean is your mouth every morning, noon, and night?

Brushing your teeth when you wake up and before you go to bed is habit. What might not be habit is how well you brush your teeth.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of not brushing in the right way. You might not spend enough time brushing your teeth. You might not hit all the right areas. You might not even have the right toothbrush in hand to clean your teeth.

To help you get reacquainted with proper tooth brushing technique between dentist visits, here are a few tips on how to brush your teeth properly.

  • Start with the right products.

Even the best dentists and hygienists can’t get perfectly clean teeth without the right tool in hand.  Make sure you have the right toothbrush to fit your mouth and teeth.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends using soft bristles over hard bristles. Although you might feel like you’re scrubbing your teeth well with harder bristles, you could be damaging your gums in the process. This can cause gum disease and infection if you’re not careful.

You’ll also want to find a toothbrush that’s the right size. It shouldn’t feel too big or too small in your mouth. Use the goldilocks rule and find a toothbrush that’s “just right.”

Toothpaste is also an important consideration. Be careful about using toothpaste with too much whitener. This can cause more harm than good. Instead, choose toothpaste that controls tartar buildup and flouride.

  • Start your timer.

You should brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes. This is long enough to scrub your teeth of plaque and tartar. Any less than that and you could be letting food particles linger between or on your teeth.

Many people think they’re brushing their teeth for two minutes but in reality, they’re brushing their teeth for about half that time.

Set your timer so that you’re sure you get the full two minutes of brushing in each morning and night. If that’s hard to remember, try using an electronic toothbrush with an automatic timer.

  • Don’t brush for too long.

On the flipside, brushing for too long can cause problems too.

Some people try to brush for an extra amount of time before coming to the dentist. Not only is that ineffective but it can also cause problems. If you brush for longer than two minutes you risk having sore gums and more plaque buildup.

Go easy on yourself and stop after only a few minutes of brushing.

  • Keep it all in the wrist.

Once you have the right device and the right timing, you need to use good technique.

Open your mouth wide and turn your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle. Brush your teeth up and down instead of side to side to avoid scraping and scratching your gums. Don’t push too hard or use too big of strokes. Keep it gentle and quick.

There’s no right or wrong start point. In fact, changing up where you start can help you avoid falling into bad habits while you brush. With that said, it is a good idea to always start at the back of your mouth and move inward. End with brushing your tongue.

  • Rinse and repeat.

When you’re done, rinse your mouth out with water. Just spitting out your toothpaste in the sink is not enough. That can cause germs to linger and spread.

Repeat this process after your next meal or a maximum of three times per day. More than that and you’re overdoing it.

See? Brushing your teeth properly isn’t that hard. Use these friendly reminders to keep your teeth sparkling white and bright in between visits to our dental office.

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I am extremely petrified of dentists. Dr Badie was so patient with me, even when I was being a very hard patient. He gave me something to help with my anxiety. I had 8 teeth pulled at once. No pain whatsoever. Even the next day. No swelling, no pain. Even though I will still be scared every appointment, I know he can be trusted to be patient and gentle every step of the way.
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I am so so excited to get my teeth fixed this is the best dentist office in Tucson hands down there so nice, not judgemental, And do spectacular work. Rachel is so amazing and so awesome she has been nothing but helpful and a delight to deal with. Everything about this experience getting my teeth fixed so far has been perfect now that I found this dentist office. While Most of the other places I had gone were unwilling to actually help me and were very judge mental of me because of my situation and needing to get my entire mouth restored after using drugs for 20 years, even after getting clean and saving up money I was still treated with such disrespect it was like disgusting and I am so grateful for Rachel and Dr. Badie & their team For being so compassionate and professional and fur doing all that they can to help me thank you guys so much you’re so amazing I hope that other people find & choose you so that you can help them too! I will forever be grateful to you guys And I’m so blessed to have found you thank you
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2 years ago
I have been going to Dr Badie for about 3+ years for my cleaning. All his staff are AWESOME! Everyone is so nice and professional. I had my cleaning and filling done, and it was painless. Thank you all for making my teeth beautiful as always!
Richard Nordenberg
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I’ve had a few good Dentists over many years but Dr. Badie’s office is by far the best and most pleasant to visit. Hard decisions are easier to make with their advice and council that can be trusted. He and his entire staff could not be better trained and professional in their work and office manner. It may sound a bit much but this is true, both my wife and I look forward to our appointments as the pleasant experiences they are. There should be 6 stars….Make that 7!
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2 years ago
I received excellent dental care from Dr. Badie and his very friendly and efficient assistant Diane. Dr. Badie is very competent, detailed, compassionate, and thoroughly explains recommended treatment. His staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. Wonderful experience, highly recommended!
Irene Meza
2 years ago
I can’t say enough about Dr. Badie and his team. Samantha is the first person to see when you walk in the door, she’s warm and very comforting. She explains everything you need to know regarding your insurance and also the procedures. Angelica is the lead assistant she’s kept me informed as to what will be done as far as the procedure during my dental appointment. She was also very comforting and knowledgeable. Dr. Badie made me feel extremely at ease. I’ve never been to a dentist office where everyone made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Going to the dentist is definitely not somewhere you want to go but with Dr Badie he made all my worries go away. My teeth need a lot of work and he assured me he can make my teeth look amazing again. There’s no words to describe how blessed I am to be seen by Dr. Badie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I would definitely recommend this place!! 💓
Sabastian Rodriguez
2 years ago
Today I went in for my first check up.The whole staff was amazing. Dentist Badie really does care. He took his time with me to develop a plan with my teeth. I felt such a relief when he said that my teeth can be saved. Now myself I do not have insurance but the way they broke everything down made it super affordable for me. This place Is definitely worth it.

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